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托福英语作文范文 第1篇

Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford, England. In January of the year after Galileo's death, Stephen went to Cambdge to study coolo. When his mentor Denis Sciama, no one in Oxford worked in this field, although he had hoped that Fred Hoyle, who would work in Cambdge after getting his doctorate, worked in Cambdge Hoyle first became a researcher, and after leaving Stephen's astnomical Institute, he became Gonville and Caius Since he became pfessor of Lucas mathemati, the chairman is the money left by the will of the Rrend Henry Lucas.

He was Isaa Barw's first university Councillor. Then he published many works in the works of Isaac Newton, including g f R The large scale structe of and time by Ellis, general relativity: Einstein's Centennial investigation, w Israel, and W Israel's the year of gravitation, Stephen Hawking published o bestsellers, a bef history of time, and his later books, black holes and infant universes, and other articles.


·威廉·(Stephen William Hawking)出生于英国牛津,在伽利略去世后xx年xx月,前往剑桥从事宇宙学研究,在他导师丹尼斯·西亚玛(Denis Sciama)时候,牛津没有人在这方面工作,虽然他曾希望获得博士学位后在剑桥工作弗雷德·霍伊尔(Fred Hoyle)首先成为一名研究员,后来在离开天文研究所后,他成为了冈维尔和凯乌斯学院(Gonville and Caius College)教授级研究员,后来他来到了应用数学和理论物理系,自从担任卢卡斯数学教授以来,是亨利·卢卡斯牧师中留下钱,他曾是伊萨克·巴罗第一次担任大学议员,在艾萨克·著作中,他发表了许多著作,包括G F R Ellis《时空大尺度结构》,《广义相对论:百年调查》,W Israel,和W Israel合著《万有引力年》,·出版了两畅销书《时间简史》和他后来书,黑洞和婴儿宇宙和其他文章。

托福英语作文范文 第2篇

The joney of hope is better than the arval of the destination. We psue discovery not only in science, but in all fields. If we reach the end, the human spit will wither and die, but I think we will nr stop: if we do not go deep, we will become complex, we will always be at the center of expanding possibilities, in short, William Hawking is the universe.




托福英语作文范文 第3篇

Students should spend at least one year working or travelling before they go to the university.

The prevailing notion is that high school students are under huge pressure. Then appears a controversy whether students should have one year to engage in other things before they attend their university. After weighing the pros and cons, I am favor of the opinion that having a gap year can produce many benefits.

First off, students can benefit a lot from traveling. As everyone knows, to maintain strong competitiveness, high school students are required to accomplish a wide range of either required or optional curriculums at school and the rights to develop their own interests have been deprived relentlessly, which has proven to be a detriment of their growth. Instead of pursuing their bachelor degree without pause in the college, traveling can help them regain chances to cultivate and perfect their personalities and release pressure. For instance, many more college graduates are reported to be indifferent to the society and show no mercy on those in need, part of which owes a lot to the fact that schools lay more emphasis on cultivating students’ academic abilities and downplay the importance of developing their overall qualities. Traveling to those places in poverty can give students a sight of those impoverished families to call on the sense of responsibility. Besides, by paying a visit to some places of interest like the Great Wall or the pyramid in Egypt, students can approach the greatness of diverse culture. What’s more, the direct access to the natural world can appease students’ inner uproar. Accordingly, a gap year can be a great asset for high school graduates.

Secondly, by taking part-time jobs, not only can students accumulate sufficient social experience but also earn some money to reduce financial stress on their families. Though economy in China keeps growing at a rate of almost 9 percent in the recent, average citizens still suffer huge pressure especially when the slump of stock market took a heavy toll on them and the majority of stock investors withdrew their money and reinvest to the real estate, further increasing pressure on the ordinary because of the increasing prices of housing. For most families from small cities and rural areas, college tuition still appears to be a great burden on them and by taking part-time jobs, students can earn some wages to relieve financial pressure, such as serving as a restaurant attendant that enables students to better develop their communication techniques and learn more about how to meet the demands of consumers or working as a salesman that will be an entirely different experience from high schools and can lead to the cultivation of the ability of presenting customers the advantages of products. Obviously, a gap year means a lot to high school graduates.

Admittedly, there is another voice that high school students are supposed to start their campus life immediately after graduation from high schools. To be more specific, maintaining high-efficiency study can lead students to be better acclimated to their college life. Instead of going to college soon, a gap year may disrupt their study schedule and weaken their learning skills. It appears to be sensible, however; the ultimate goal of attending a university is to seek a decent job and gaining social experience in advance makes students more conscious of which kind of area they are more interested in in the near future such as the serving industry or high-tech fields.

In conclusion, high school graduates had better live a different life temporarily before they go to college.

托福英语作文范文 第4篇

Agree or disagree: students do reading by their own is as important as or more important than the reading teachers assigned.

Reading is a process of procuring knowledge and the ways of reading vary for students between reading on their own and reading as told by their teachers. As for me, it will be more beneficial to read books in line with students’ wishes.

For one thing, students should read what they are curious about and can find interests in, which can find wide application among college students in particular. In order to hone one’s talents and crafts with specific purpose, college students will find the more practical books to read to strengthen their competence for their future competing with other rivals in the job market. Take Steve Jobs as an example. After attending the college just for a few months, he couldn’t figure out how the college life would help him in the future except for imposing his working family enormous financial , he decided to drop out so he could stop taking the required classes and reading the assigned reading materials that did not interest him and began dropping in on the ones that looked interesting. Finally, the last several months for his college life turned out to be priceless later on since he took a calligraphy class and read the relative books, the knowledge of which had been applied to produce the first computer with beautiful typography. Evidently, part of Steve Job’s accomplishments can prove how essential for students to read by following their own curiosity and intuition.

For another thing, students can be more absorbed in the books that they like. To be more specific, compared with the assigned papers or articles, students’ incentive can be more stimulated by reading what they like. For instance, the prevailing notion of children’s education is that they should develop their own interests by reading what can intrigue their inquisitiveness or stimulate their imagination. Therefore, there is a voice coming out today that more freedom needs to be given to primary school students so that they can read some more interesting books like the science-fiction novels or tales and etc. Besides, too much focus on cultivating students’ academic abilities and the ignorance of developing their overall qualities will lead to the development of elites with less morality. Obviously, the benefits of reading books by students themselves and the detriment of just reading as assigned by teachers can tell us how important to give students’ rights to choose what they read.

Admittedly, reading what teachers assigned can be of also importance. In other words, teachers will be familiar with which area students should be improved to achieve better academic performance. For instance, teachers will require students to engage in extensive reading to increase students’ reading ability. However, it can not be the reason to regard reading as students wish as inferior because students can better improve their reading ability by being absorbed in what they like most.

To conclude, students should enjoy the rights to decide what they read.

托福英语作文范文 第5篇

Eternity is a long time, especially near the end. If it's not the home of the people you love, it's not a universe. When I was the one you loved, my expectations ped to ze.

Since then, rything I've had has been a reward, n though I can't move, I have to speak thugh a comr. In my opinion, one of the basic rules of the free universe is that there is no perfect without perfection. Neither you nor I can exist.

My advice to other disabled people is that focusing on yo disability does not prnt you fm achieving good results, and don't let it interfere with things Sorry, don't be disabled mentally and physically. Quiet people have the loudest thoughts. We're just an advanced species of monkey on a very ordinary star asteid, but we can understand the universe that makes us very special.

My goal is very . It's about the universe, why it's like this, why it exists, if it's not interesting Life will be a tragedy, wisdom is the ability to adapt to change. I notice that n those who claim that rything is meant to be, there is nothing we can do to change it.

Before they s the ad, my goal is very . This is a complete understanding of the universe. Why do I find Amecan accent and Scandinavian accent suitable for women to answer an Amecan about his synthesizer The whole history of science has come to realize that nts don't happen in an arbitrary way, but reflect some kind of underlying order, which may be inspired by pine trees or not: https://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/jpeg/0.



托福英语作文范文 第6篇

The club of your school plan to help one of the following group of people,

pupils reading and math

2. build houses for those who cannot afford the house

care of the old

Life is loaded with various difficulties and hardship, especially for old people who are incapable of taking good care of themselves because of their poor physical quality. Therefore, among the three choices of helping young students in nearby primary school, helping people to find new houses for rent and assisting old people for caring them, I definitely choose the last one.

For one thing, because of being committed to their career, the middle-age can hardly take good care of their parents. To address a sequence of job assignments, city employees, the majority of whom have turned to the middle age, are required to be immersed in their career. Take ordinary citizens as examples. When it comes to businessmen, dealing with the complicated relationship with their counterparts or consumers will lead them to be shortage of time to accompany their families, given that all their time and energy are occupied. Speaking of policemen, to maintain stable social order and crack down on any happening or underlying crimes, they are supposed to be on duty at any time, making it impossible for them to care their families. And it is also an episode likely to be applied in the movie by the film maker that policemen are woking on the investigation and cannot keep promises they make for their families , impressing audiences again and again. As for the career of teachers, what they normally do is either to prepare for their presentations or remedy their students’ assignments. Apparently, the contemporary middle-age citizens cannot take good care of their parents and college students had better provide their help.

For another thing, the process of helping the old can cultivate college students’ sense of responsibility that matters in their future life and profession. Many more universities will, literally, decide whether to admit students by checking if there is any volunteering experience like taking care of the old in a nursing home in their application materials. In an era of both highly developed economy and technology, it tends to be easier for children to develop the unwanted behaviors and unhealthy values and world outlook. Nowadays, people can often hear the News about college students failing to graduate from schools because of their addiction to video games and many overseas students catching the affluenza which refers to wealthy people who like to show their richness by purchasing many unnecessary luxuries. Therefore, many young people’s ideology has been distorted seriously and it is urgent to call on their sense of responsibility. And taking good care of the old can teach them a lot. For instance, they will be conscious of the fact that there is still a vulnerable group that needs to be assisted and their contribution to the society can drive away the solitude of the old. Thus, they will increase their confidence in undertaking more social responsibilities.

Admittedly, some others may lay emphasis on the importance of helping the young since they are the future of a nation. From what I believe, it is hype since the education of young children does not count on the help from college students. As for the statement that college students should help others rent a house, that is ridiculous since there have been a wide range of choices for tenants among diverse Apps via the Internet. To conclude, helping the old can be of enormous benefits for both the old and the young.